Thursday, December 24, 2009

Do You Want To Crank- Up Your Love Life? Then Be The Life Of The Party

If you are single and you want to crank- up your love life, then this Holiday season is the perfect opportunity to do that. With all the parties going on here and there, you can definitely do your thing, meet people and improve your love life. Yes, being the life of the party can have a direct effect in improving your love life, if you know how to do it well…
Here are some tips on how to be the life of the party and perk up your love life, all at the same time.
  1. Be sure you look good and smell great! Wear something classy, not trashy. This is one way of getting the opposite sex’s attention. A lot can happen in a party when there’s booze, music, and mistletoes. So be sure you smell good when you bumped in to someone under the mistletoe.
  2. Keep your posture in check. Stand up straight, chin up and shoulders level.

    Don’t slouch or stride. A good posture conveys confidence. And self- confidence is very attractive. If you have to fake it, then fake it, nobody can tell. It gets better with practice.
  3. Flash a sincere smile. A smile can go for a mile. It can break any barrier and is the easiest and effective pick- up gesture. There are so many people out there who can testify that by making smiling a habit, their love life improved.
  4. Make eye contact. Making eye contact is one indication that you are sincere and interested. It also indicates that you are confident and self- assured. Just be sure that you don’t stare dead at the person.

    A successful eye contact is between 4-6 seconds followed by a great smile. Now, that’s flirting 101 for you.
  5. Give a genuine compliment. Say something nice to every person you meet in the party, but make sure that they are genuine compliments, some people can detect a phony one. A compliment is a great way to begin a conversation, and when you do begin one, find out some thing interesting about them. People love it when you talk about them, so it goes without saying that this is the perfect strategy if you want make a good impression and enrich your love life.
  6. Walk around and circulate. Don’t end up alone in one room with one person. Don’t get trapped with the same group of people for more than ten minutes. Excuse yourself and meet other people. Use advice 3, 4, and 5 to meet other people.
  7. Introduce people you meet with each other. This gives you the impression as the popular character in the party. A definite plus points if you want to enhance your love life.
  8. Keep yourself updated. It helps if you know the latest technology or news or any happenings. A witty joke or funny story can also come in handy. Just be sure that your jokes are for general patronage.
  9. Avoid the “Me, Myself, and I” discussion. Remember advice number 5. Also avoid discussing about money, politics and religion.
  10. Don’t make a fool of yourself. Don’t drink too much to the point where you cannot control your coordination and starting to lose your inhibitions.

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