Thursday, December 24, 2009

Feel The Magic Of Deep Penetration

Lovers have different opinions about deep penetration intercourse position. Some women are uncomfortable with the idea but most women yearn for it when they make love. Women who love deep penetration say that it gives them the emotional rewarding sensation- a sense of satisfaction that goes beyond the lustful act of sex. They further added that the sexual connection between them and their lover is just out of this world, not to mention the mind-blowing orgasm it gives them. That is why the sex act that offers deep penetration is always the preferred and voted as the best intercourse position to do.

One draw back of deep penetration is it makes men ejaculate too soon or too soon for his partner, who may never had enough frolicking or foreplay to make her aroused to reach the climax. Frolicking or foreplay should be a prerequisite before every penetration, especially in deep penetration. For men, you have to make sure that your woman is wet and slippery enough before you give her the full thrust or else you’re going to give her deep pain down there. So, before you begin to dive in to the unfathomable pleasure, be sure to touch what needs to be touched and lick what needs to licked. Give extra time and effort on foreplay, make sure that your woman is aroused enough to accommodate every possible sex act that you will perform.

Once you had all that covered, you are good and ready for some great love making. Here are some favored sex acts that can give you and your partner the full and deep sexual experience. My first suggestion in sexual position is the man on top position, where the woman had her legs up her chest…and the higher she raises her legs the deeper he will be able to enter. The next is the rear entry or commonly called as the “doggy position”. With the personal survey I conducted, so far this sex position got the highest score as the best intercourse position there is. “Doggy position” is when the woman lies on her face with her buttocks raised up. Another sex style that bequeaths deep penetration is of course, the classic, woman on top position. “Woman on top” can be done in variety of ways. You can do this facing your partner or facing opposite your partner. She can do the up and down hard thrust or the strong and powerful back and forth drive, either way, both thrusting style will give the same orgasmic sensation. One great thing about this intercourse position is the woman will be able to control how deep and how long the penetration is. So there you have it, my horny friends. Enjoy the magic of deep penetration.

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